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South Brisbane Futsal Club was established in 2012 under Football QLD. In their short history South Brisbane have had huge success.

Of the nine teams entered into the 2012/2013 Queensland Summer League, five were crowned champions. South Brisbane FC was also crowned club of the tournament.

In the 2013 Craig Foster Tournament four teams were crowned champions. We followed this up in the 2013 Qld Summer League with 6 of the teams entered all playing in the finals. In 2014 we followed up our success of 2013 with 2 teams crowned champions with 4 teams entered.

The vision of South Brisbane FC is to increase participation numbers in the Brisbane area while supporting the state and national pathways directed by Football QLD and Football Federation Australia.

Players representing South Brisbane in the F-League are selected from the weekly Premier League competition. The club offers quality coaching in a well structured environment. General skill programs have been designed and are delivered by highly accredited coaches with years of international experience in teaching and coaching. Through camps, clinics, programmes, individual and small group trainings we prepare our players to reach the highest level in futsal.

The club is equally focused on both junior and senior futsal development for both males and females. South Brisbane FC was be the first ever futsal club to represent Queensland at a national club competition level, entering our women’s team to participate in the 2013 F-League women’s competition. In 2014 and 2015 we had both a men and women’s team.

South Brisbane FC holds high ambitions to become a benchmark futsal brand in Queensland.

Club Contact

Felipe Amorim
P:  0410 301 981


Men’s (2016)

Adric Armstrong-Smith
Dallas Dack
Julian Edwards
James Egeta
Connor George
Andre Gimenez Barbosa
Jack Greenland
Yoel Jogiono
Connor Jones
Jake Nalder
Brian Quan
Daniello Romano
Joshua Sewell
Moffat Sikwa’ae
Adam Stacey
Caleb Urlich
James Verdin
Jordan Vieira

Women’s (2016)

Sarah Amorim
Jade Baker
Nicola Eagle
Amber Glew
Rebekah Horsey
Katherine Kirkwood
Emma Klos
Stephanie Latham
Sian Leverton
Jessica McLean
Kayla Moore
Kate Orkild
Sofie Persson
Katlin Peterson
Kelsey Pifarre
Natalie Tathem
Shannon Tathem
Brittany Waugh
Melissa Weckert

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