East Coast Heat (NSW)

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East Coast Heat FC was founded by Jamie Amendolia and long standing Futsalroo Peter Spathis in 2012. The club was formed to give players who truly love futsal the opportunity to play in competitively.

The club’s goals are to promote the development of futsal as a leading sport and facilitate the creation of a professional league in Australia, to employ leading coaching techniques and approaches so Australian players can compete at an AFC level, and provide a platform to develop talented players so they may obtain national team selection.

East Coast Heat finished second in their inaugural season in the F-League, a result it emulated again in 2014.

For 2015 East Coast Heat returned to the F-League stronger than ever and for the first time adding a women’s team.

The club has a special emphasis on the development of young players, and consistently fielding the youngest squad in the 2014 F-League. This approach not only delivered results on the court, but also saw the call up of young players Clayton Musumeci, Sam Perre and Jordan Guerreiro into the national team.

Club Contact

Jamie Amendolia
E:  jamie.amendolia@hotmail.com
P:  0409 773 720


Men’s (2016)

Shervin Adeli
Jun Arima
Dylan Basger
Mark Brackenrig
Nathan Clissold
Dominic Cox
Jamie Dib
Robert Ezekiel
Aaron Fraser
Daniel Fulton
Jordan Guerreiro
Anthony Haddad
Conor Irwin
Andrew Luttringer
Grant Lynch
Matthew Mazevski
Clayton Musumeci
Gavin O’Brien
Patrick Pace
Peter Spathis
Stephen Spirou
Alexander Vlismas
Lachlan Wright
Christopher Zeballos

Women’s (2016)

Jacqueline Anyon-Smith
Miriam Bartlett
Dana Buttigieg
Ariella Cabezas
Caitlin Campbell
Carla Canini
Hannah Charak
Erin Clout
Chrystal Duggan
Logan Garard
Alexia Guerinoni
Olivia Hardaker
Abigail Jordan
Danika Matos
Melanie Mccauley
Nadia Nisbet
Natalie Penman
Sarah Roger
Antonia Sharp
Kya Stewart
Renee Tomkins
Claire Walsh
Melissa Walsh

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